Complete with: Garage, grand entrance and mud room, breathtaking porch, full kitchen, dining room,living room, kitchen nook, and two grand fireplaces, three deluxe bedrooms, an in-law apartment as well as another full apartment downstairs. This house also boasts state of the art steam sauna and whirlpool jacuzzi either for relaxing after a big ski or a hike through Vermont's finest foilage; In total:  5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, three king beds, one queen, four twins  accommodating 12 guests maximum.

Fantastic water pressure, fluffy towels & luxurious high thread count sheets are our signature. We are more than happy to arrange daily maid service and/or cooking staff as well as additional services you wish during your stay; please just let us know!


The Adirondack

Fast Facts

  1. 15 min Drive to Killington Mtn.

  2. 5 Hour Drive from New York.

  3. Accommodates 10 People.

  4. Private Secluded location.

  5. Beautiful Scenic Setting.

  6. $2,300 per night.

  7. Full House w/ 4 Twins, 2 Kings and 2 Queens

To Inquire about reservations or our seasonal rates, please call :


877-746-8822 Toll-free

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