This cozy cottage is located right in the heart of Pittsfield!  It’s two stories and has an amazing living room and kitchen.  Perfect for quick getaways or relaxing weekends away from home!  This cottage is perfect for anyone interested in a relaxing and cozy cottage on a creek!

Amenities include, a full kitchen, california king beds, satellite TV, full bathroom and a large living room.


The Bridal Suite

Fast Facts

  1. 15 min Drive to Killington Mtn.

  2. 5 Hour Drive from New York.

  3. Accommodates 5 People.

  4. Private Secluded location.

  5. Beautiful Scenic Setting.

  6. $425 per night.

To Inquire about reservations or our seasonal rates, please call :


877-746-8822 Toll-free

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