An amazing property with rooms that can accommodate up to 12 people, the Stables is a great place to rent for a ski or bike vacation. 

There are are 4 full beds, along with 2 sets of twin bunk beds in six different bedrooms along with a large living room and a great 1/2 kitchen.


The Stables

Fast Facts

  1. 15 min Drive to Killington Mtn.

  2. 5 Hour Drive from New York.

  3. Accommodates 12 People.

  4. Private Secluded location.

  5. Beautiful Scenic Setting.

  6. $1,500 per night.

  7. 4 Queen Beds, 4 Twin Beds

  8. 6 Rooms Total

To Inquire about reservations or our seasonal rates, please call :


877-746-8822 Toll-free

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